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May 9 - 12: West Jordan Work to do
5/9/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: May 9 - 12:  West Jordan Work to do

CONTACT Lori, Geness or John to let them know when you are coming AND IF you have questions on how to do any of this work.  They can help you with these jobs.

You are invited to come over anytime during the week and help us move this work along - even if it's just for 30 minutes.

The planting will come just as soon as we get this garden tilled.  (Home owner arranges the tilling).

Thank you so much for your help!

Prune the plants along the south fence in front by driveway and where trash cans/wood are located. 

Help us weed:  

1. Around the raspberries  on east side fence along east side near back plot.   --- Pull all dead branches out.
2. Around the grapes near raspberries and grapes on south side of back shed
3. Around the blackberries near stump and near grapes on east side of back plot. ---Pull all dead branches out.
4. Around the iris plants on east side fence -- some near raspberries.
5. Dig up the dandelion weeds in back garden plot.
6. Around the currant bush on southeast fence by back plot.

All weeds need to go in the trash.
We can put the weeds in homeowner's bins unless they are full
Also, if needed, bring a few garbage bags from home to fill.
Either leave it for Lori to take home and throw away or take it home yourself and put it in the trash. 

Other chores:

1. rake all leaves around property and put into garden plots
2. there are 2 bags of leaves in the front shed that can be emptied into the garden plots.
3. rake all leaves out of water ditch on west side --- we do not need to weed the ditch , just clear it out.
4. clip all the old buds off the rose bushes on east side of front plot. 
You can clear out old leaves and weeds around bottom of these too.

Also:  There are two branches growing into the water ditch on west side of back plot blocking the flow that need to be cut back.