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Monday, Oct. 24: Garden priorities Today and Tuesday
10/24/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Monday, Oct. 24: Garden priorities Today and Tuesday

I need help in Holladay Garden today

I need help getting a bunch of the tomatoes and other produce that has been delivered from other gardens, put in our greenhouse before this cold front comes in.  The bulk of the produce is in my trailer in the front yard.  It needs to be taken in a wagon or wheel barrow and put into the greenhouse in the back yard.

Let me know if you can help me.


Taylorsville Garden: Last Day to Pick LOTS of Red Tomatoes

In our Taylorsville Garden, there are still LOTS of super delicious red tomatoes, of all sizes, that need to be picked before this cold front comes in on Tuesday.  To be safe, you should go pick today, Monday, Oct. 24.  After the cold front comes in this week, that's the end of our crops.  They will all freeze.  Curly, the homeowner, said we can pick his tomatoes as well.  Don't pick any other crops of his, just the tomatoes.


Bagels - We have a new system for distributing the bagels and we need your help

Since we distribute over 10,000 bagels every year (that's over 280 bagels EVERY day), we need your help.

I am looking for garden members who will take the assignment of picking up from these 2 stores just ONE day a week, then taking it to their home and serving as the "go to" person for their community.  We have 6 days a week that we pick up from.  The 2 stores are located in Sandy and Holladay (approx. 8700 So. Highland Drive AND 6200 So. Highland Drive).


Harvest Distribution TODAY and Tuesday - all day

Come and get a basket full of food.  RSVP before coming.

Come and get bagels and lots of produce (cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, grapes, apples)