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More gardens will be opening soon! Type of work we are doing right now...
2/10/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: More gardens will be opening soon!  Type of work we are doing right now...


It's February 10th, the weather has been unseasonably warm lately so we are excited to get things rolling.... in more gardens!

What to do in our gardens in February...

#1 Clean up

In our Holladay gardens, for example, we have been working since Feb. 1st, cleaning up our garden space from the fall and debris from winter.

Since this is the beginning of our new gardening season, we want a clean garden to start working in. 

Any leftover leaves, branches, debris, etc. should be cleaned out so your new garden is ready to go.


 #2 Plant early spring crops

In Holladay, we have been getting a lot of salad greens planted in the greenhouse.  Everyone will be able to enjoy these early crops that should be ready to eat by the end of March.  If you come and work in Holladay this week, you may be helping us plant.

Outside the greenhouse we are preparing to plant a ton of peas.  I generally do this between Valentine's Day and Presidents Day (Feb. 14 - 22).  In some of our other gardens in the valley, you can be doing the same thing.

Come and work with us in Holladay to learn how to Plant Peas OR watch my PEA PLANTING VIDEO I made recently.

All of our East Side gardens will have early spring crops planted soon along with Riverton, West Valley and a few other gardens.


NOTE:  Some West Side gardens do not allow early spring planting.

Due to the large size of some of our West Side gardens, we bring in a tractor to plow our soil before we plant. This means our land needs to be clean and clear of anything growing in them until after they plow.

These properties include all 3 of our South Jordan Gardens, Taylorsville and West Jordan Garden.  That still gives us plenty of other gardens to get our early crops in.

For the larger gardens, the homeowners have already arranged for a tractor to come and till.

There is not a set date for when this happens.  They know when the time is right, based on the weather and season and will let us know when we can begin planting.