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Most Urgent Garden Work this weekend: June 10 - 11
6/10/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Most Urgent Garden Work this weekend:  June 10 - 11

We need the very most help in these areas - Friday and Saturday:



I don't include addresses of our private homeowners since this is a public blog.  As a garden member you have access to all 16 garden locations.  Log in to my website and go into Member Area to find all garden addresses or email me for help.

Holladay A Garden -

All day Friday we'll be working in this and other nearby gardens.  It's headquarters and plenty to do.


South Jordan B Garden:

  Yesterday, we planted 7 long rows of corn from seed.  These rows HAVE TO BE WATERED OVERHEAD (i.e. with a rainbow attachment) not dripline.  Who can go over TODAY, take the hose and water these 7 rows?  We'll need to do this every other day for about 1 week until they start to sprout.  By then we'll have a dripline installed and it will be a once-a-week watering with a hose after that.


Taylorsville Garden: 

We HAVE TO HELP CURLY with the water, Saturday morning, 9 - 11 am.  He is turning on the irrigation water for the first time this season and it's a big job!  Men or women can do this job.  You need to make sure when the water starts to come in that it gets into each of the furrows we have created, which is 24 rows!  He can teach you what you are supposed to do but he is only one man trying to direct water to his lawn, his big garden and our big garden.  Let me know today if you will be there to help him with this job.  IT IS MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!  With any extra time, you can weed between the peas.


West Jordan A -

We spent time in this garden last night pulling weeds from the raspberry plants.  Let me know if you will help us in this garden.  You'll walk to the back yard, by the very back garden area.  Look for a big arrow that we created with 4 logs to show you where to start.  LOTS of weeds are choking out our raspberries.  Wear gloves so you don't get stabbed with thorns from the raspberries.  When that section is finished, there is another section nearby where weeds are choking out garlic and raspberries.  Both sections need to be weeded ASAP!  Anytime you want you can go over and do this - between today and Sat.  RSVP first to let me know.  Call me when you get there if you have any questions about what to do.  The garlic also needs to be cut to about 1 foot long.  Currently it's at least 2 feet tall!  I need to get the extra garlic that you cut down OR I'll make sure Lori picks it up from you.