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Managing 16 gardens from Tucson, AZ
7/1/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Managing 16 gardens from Tucson, AZ

My oldest daughter, Kendra, just gave birth to her 3rd child yesterday and I am flying down to help her and the baby for a week.  I can think of better summer destinations than Tucson AZ (110 degrees) but I am very eager to help Kendra and see my latest grandchild, now I have 3 grandsons!  I will have a 4th grandchild in 6 weeks from now when my daughter-in-law gives birth to our FIRST granddaughter.

I have invested too many hours into all of these gardens to not care what happens while I am gone.

We have capable people overseeing all of the gardens and the watering but we still really need your help!

There is a lot you can continue to do to help move the work forward.

If you are willing to help, just check this blog daily as I will be hearing where we need the most help.


Garden Leaders:


is my main assistant and oversees all of the gardens when I am not around.  She is very acquainted with all the  gardens since she was a big part of our group last year as well as this year.  She has put in nearly as many hours as I have. 


oversees the South Jordan A & B Gardens as well as Riverton.  She is carrying a heavy load so help her if you would.


oversees all the watering and work in West Jordan A & C Gardens.  West Jordan B Garden has been dropped for this year.


is the homeowner and oversees the work in the West Valley B Garden who always needs help.  This garden grows the largest variety of fruits and veggies in our organization PLUS Merrill is an experienced Beekeeper!  A great guy to know!



helps with Harvest Distributions or the "Harvest Van".  Watch the daily blog to see where it will be next.

Either Lori or I will check my email daily so continue to communicate with me the same as always.


Thank you so much for your continued help and support!  This is a Working Garden Group for the most part and we couldn't do this work without your help!  YOU are the BEST!!