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Oct. 20 - 22: South Jordan A & B Garden Cleanup - Thursday thru Saturday
10/19/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Oct. 20 - 22: South Jordan A & B Garden Cleanup - Thursday thru Saturday

Work to do:

We are pulling out almost all of the plants - a job that needs to be done before the winter.

Thank you SO much for being willing to help us clean up the gardens. 

Starting on Thursday afternoon, we have garden members working in the So. Jordan A garden, pulling the plants out and putting them in the compost bin.

NOTE:  Don't pull the Tall, RED Amaranth out YET!

So. Jordan A is the priority right now.  As soon as we get that garden cleaned up, we'll move down the street to So. Jordan B Garden.

Save ALL of the black plastic and all of the drip line that is in the So. Jordan B Garden. 

I can't remember if there is any black plastic in the So. Jordan A garden.  I don't think so, but if there is, we need to save it.  Just put it in a big garbage bag to give to Lori or me in Holladay.
We need all of it for next years gardens.

I will be working in the Holladay Gardens on Thurs., Friday and Sat. (except Thurs. & Sat. mornings until 12 noon when I'll be hiking)

CALL ME on my cell phone when you are on the South Jordan Garden Property

OR when you are on your way to the property to give me a heads up.

I want to talk to you when you are standing on the property to make sure you are pulling out the right plants.

My cell: 801-278-5313

I will keep my phone with me OR I'll call you right back if I miss your call.

South Jordan A:  11371 So. 2865 W.

Bring gloves.