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Oct. 20 - 22: Taylorsville Garden Cleanup - Thursday thru Saturday
10/19/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Oct. 20 - 22: Taylorsville Garden Cleanup - Thursday thru Saturday

Even if you can come for just an hour it will help a lot!  

Pull out all of the plants (EXCEPT TOMATOES) and put them in a far corner of the garden.

Lori will be out there on Thursday and/or Friday, so hopefully you will see where she has started cleaning up and putting the plants.  If there are any tomato plants that are still growing, leave them alone and we'll see if we can get a few more before the weather turns bad.

The tomatoes will be the last to be pulled out.

Everything else in the garden needs to be pulled out - all of the vines, cucumber, pepper plants, etc.

In the spring, Curly, the homeowner will be coming in with big equipment and tilling the garden.

Call me when you go out there and tell me what has been done and what you are working on.  I really appreciate everyone being "my eyes" especially this weekend with so much clean up going on.

My cell:  801-278-5313

(I will be hiking on Thursday and Saturday morning until around 12 noon).  If I don't answer the phone immediately, leave me a message and I'll return the call.