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Our Community Garden Group is much like a non-stop Merry-Go-Round - We'll help you jump on!
5/8/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Our Community Garden Group is much like a non-stop Merry-Go-Round - We'll help you jump on!

We greatly appreciate

all those who have helped us OR continue to help us grow our gardens so we can feed more families in our community while teaching our members how to grow delicious, fresh, garden-produce themselves! 

Think of our Community Garden Group as a non-stop Merry-Go-Round.  We will do everything in our power to help you jump on board with us!

Here are a few valuable links to help you out:  

We need you.  We want you.  We hope you'll come soon! 

Main Group Schedule for any given garden, working with a Coordinator

Most Urgent Garden Work To Do 

Coordinator Contact Info (Garden, Coordinator, Phone, Email)

Garden Addresses

Garden Recipes  (Share your recipes with us as well)

Harvest & Food available this week 

New 2012 Garden Orientation, Policies & Procedures 

Garden Videos - 

Each of these web pages are updated often

TIPS for working in our gardens:

  • Get to know the garden coordinators.
  • Check the blog posts to see where the "hot spots" are.  
  • Work in any garden you like.  We greatly appreciate your help.
  • You'll receive harvest from a variety of gardens. 
  • If it's possible, be consistent by picking ANY time when you can come and work in a garden on a regular basis.  You can always change or cancel if needed.  You may stay and work as long as you like.   
  • It's never a problem if you can't attend.  If a coordinator was expecting you, just let them know.
  • Once you know what work needs to be done in a garden, you may work ANYTIME during the week (Monday - Saturday) during daylight hours (early morning into the evening) - NOT just during the scheduled group work time.
  • Contact your coordinator first before working in any of the gardens. They may have something urgent they need your help with.
  • You don't have to wait to work in a garden IF you.... 1) have contacted the garden coordinator via email, text, phone message, etc.  2) have at least left a message stating what you plan to work on in that garden
  • If possible, work with the coordinator at least once, so you can get to know each other AND the garden better.