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Picking Apricots on Sat. June 23, Update
7/21/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Picking Apricots on Sat. June 23, Update

I'll get over to this property today and look at the apricots to make sure they'll be ripe enough for Sat., then I'll update this on the blog.  I'm hoping for 8:30 am Sat. morning if homeowners are fine w/ that.   If you want to participate, email me so I have an idea who all can help.

Let me know if you can bring ladders and buckets.

I need someone to come to Holladay A Garden and pick up a bunch of shallow boxes to put them all in so we don't stack them deep and squish them all.

Remember, you are picking for the whole group as well as yourself so I need some of you to bring apricots back to my place after you've picked.

We have a lot of members who have been doing a lot of serious weeding in some of our largest gardens lately and I want to make sure they get apricots as well.

Just know that this is JUST THE BEGINNING of picking a LOT of fruit trees and harvest for the season.  We will need a great deal of help from now until October!

Plums should also be coming soon!