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Requirements for becoming a "Garden Home Owner" or a "Working Garden Member"
5/22/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

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Garden home owner requirements:

Provide a parcel of land and water at no charge

Commit at least to one garden season (approx. 8 months)

If for any reason we don't feel good about a home owners property, we need to decline

Garden members don't work on any property that our leaders don't feel comfortable on

Home owner does not get involved with how, where or what we grow in the garden space given to us.

Home owners may be interviewed as to the best watering methods and directions or to find out which plants tend to grow the best.

Home owners do not have their own garden agenda for the land they give to us.

Home owners receive the same benefits as our working garden members: receiving produce from each of our garden properties.

If there is a large amount of debris to be cleaned up before members can use garden area, the home owners will provide a large garbage bin at their own expense.  Garden members will provide the labor.

If home owners have garden equipment and tools that they will allow us to use, it is appreciated but not required.

Garden working member requirements:

Members provide all labor, tools, equipment, seeds, plants, etc. at no charge to the home owner

Members are asked to pay attention and act on Sheryl's weekly emails and garden blog updates, as to what, where, when and how we are working in the gardens on any given week.

Members do not use the home owners bathroom or anything else inside. 

Members are respectful of home owners property, and focus their efforts on the garden only.

Members are not allowed to bring dogs or any animal on any of the home owners properties.


We don't grow illegal plants

We grow a variety of veggies, fruit, herbs, flowers, etc.

We grow plenty of the most popular produce i.e. tomatoes, peppers, corn, squash, etc.

In some gardens we work 11 months of the year.