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Sat. July 23, Picking Apricots - 2 locations on the East Side
7/22/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Sat. July 23, Picking Apricots - 2 locations on the East Side

I won't be able to be there, so someone who has a truck or a car needs to carry at least one ladder.  I have a few ladders but you'll need to come to my home by 8 am Sat. morning OR Friday and load the ladders, buckets and boxes.  If we don't have anyone who will do this, we will need to wait and pick on another time and day so please let me know if you are able to help. 

We need everyone to be picking for the group, not just for y-ourself.

8:30 am: 

1st stop:

 2161 E. 3380 So. (This address is actually our 3300 So. B Garden, the one w/ chickens, but the apricot tree is across the street).  We have received permission to pick this tree so don't worry. We'll start here, quickly pick everything possible, then move to the 2nd property.

2nd stop: 

2142 E. Atkin Ave. 2830 So. - It's great that these properties are just about 10 blocks from each other.  We need to stay together and work one property at a time. 

When we are done, you can take a bag of apricots for your family but help us get all the extra apricots, buckets, ladders, etc. back to my place.

RSVP for this picking party by emailing me.

We also plan to pick apricots off the ground, even if they are gooey and need to be throw away.

We try to leave the apricot tree area looking clean in exchange for homeowners giving us their fruit.