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Sat. Oct. 1: I need free scraps of wood
10/2/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Sat. Oct. 1: I need free scraps of wood




The above photo was taken earlier this spring so we don't currently have this much lettuce growing in the greenhouse BUT we have planted a lot of lettuce and spinach that will be growing during the next 2 months.  Notice the scraps of wood running down the main isle.  This helps a lot with dust and shows everyone where they can walk. 

I now need to do the same thing in between the plants, since we are entering our fall and winter garden seasoning.  We have lights in the greenhouse along with plenty of little seedlings growing.  People need to know where they can step without killing our tiny plants.  

Keep your eyes open for:


Price: Free if we can find it

What:  Used or new, non-treated wood (hopefully with nails/screws removed)

How many: 32 pieces

Length: approx. 2 ft  x  3 or 4 ft. long (approx.)

Thickness:  1/2" - 3/4"

Purpose: To put in greenhouse, lay between each row of plants.

Why: People need a place to stand so they don't step on new seedlings, plus it get's dusty easily due to a lot of fine dirt

Urgency:  Starting to work in the gardens at night but need to protect new seedlings

Thanks so much!