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Sat. Oct. 22: Pick MANY red and green tomatoes in Taylorsville & West Jordan A Garden
10/21/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Sat. Oct. 22:  Pick MANY red and green tomatoes in Taylorsville & West Jordan A Garden

I hate wasting food or produce.  If we don't get pick over 200 beautiful tomatoes soon, they will all go to waste in the garden.  

Bring containers or bags, go to Taylorsville Garden or West Jordan A Garden

Pick as MANY (at least 200 I think) tomatoes as you can!

Lots of super delicious cherry tomato size as well along with big ones.

All red and green tomatoes need to be picked.

You can take some for yourself then bring the rest back to my place, especially the green ones.

We'll put them in the greenhouse to keep them warm.  They will continue to turn red.

We'll be eating fresh tomatoes for the next couple of months!

Once we have the tomatoes picked, we'll be able to quickly pull out all the tomato plants.

Go out anytime on Saturday - the earlier the better but whenever you can go.

There are 2 gardens out there.  The one w/ all the corn is Curly's (the homeowner). 

He said we can have all of his green or red tomatoes as well, so pick those along with picking all of ours in the large garden EAST of that one.

We have picked all of the crops in our garden now EXCEPT the tomatoes.  Walk around all over our property and you'll see tomatoes everywhere.  Take bags out there to put them in.

In the next day or so if you could bring them back to Holladay so we can put them all in the greenhouse and let ripen.

Taylorsville garden:  6255 So. 1300 W.

Curly is the home owner. 

NOTE:   He has a couple of larger dogs that are out sometimes, and are friendly and shouldn't bother you but be aware of this.

Let me know if you go to either of these gardens so I can report the progress to other garden members who want to help.

Thanks so much!!!