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Friday & Saturday, July 29 & 30, Garden Work to be done
7/29/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Friday & Saturday, July 29 & 30, Garden Work to be done

The following gardens are the priority.

If you can help in any of these gardens during the next few days, please let me know.


West Valley City B Garden:

4131 W. 4040 So.

Harvest several herbs, kale, cabbage leaves, etc.

Weed in another separate little area.

Merrill, the homeowner, will help you know what needs to be done. 

If possible, harvest and bring to the Taylorsville Garden Harvest Distribution by 6 pm Saturday evening.


Taylorsville Garden:

6255 So. 1300 W.

More Weeding

Harvest crops i.e peppers, cucumbers, etc.


Holladay (A & B) Gardens:

2836 E Casto Lane (5060 So.)

Help plant a bunch of day lilies ASAP.  These are transplants and need immediate attention.

Thin the corn



South Jordan B Garden:

11131 So. 2865 W.

Sat., July 30, 9 am:  Picking apricots


Anne Cox is overseeing the apricot picking activity. 

Plan to meet at South Jordan B Garden in the back.

After that tree is picked, we'll go to South Jordan A garden.

Marilyn is the homeowner at the A Garden.

We are picking all of the apricots in both trees, however, DON'T TAKE ANY APRICOTS from Marilyn's trees until she  takes what she wants.  She'll give us the rest. 

Keep the apricots separate from each property. 

What to bring:

Plenty of plastic bags and some buckets.

Everyone who helps with making this a successful event will receive some apricots.  The rest of them will go to the Harvest Hub at Taylorsville or Holladay, on Sat. evening to be distributed with the rest of the harvest.