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Saturday, Nov. 12, 9 am, "Processing a Turkey" for Thanksgiving Day
11/8/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Saturday, Nov. 12, 9 am,

Out of our 14 gardens this year, 33rd B Garden, has been our turkey raising garden.  We have been feeding 11 turkeys and since it's almost Thanksgiving, it's time to say goodbye to the birds and process them.

Any garden member who wants to learn how to "process a turkey" is invited to come and help us with this chore.

This process includes killing, gutting, plucking big and little feathers, cleansing the bird and helping with prep work i.e. boiling the water, etc. AND final clean up of the project.

We have expert instructors who will be teaching everyone what to do so no experience is necessary.

We only have 1 turkey still available to purchase, so you won't be taking home a turkey, just learning how to do this job.


Saturday, Nov. 12, 9 am until early afternoon

Millcreek area, approx. 2300 east and 3300 south

(you'll receive the exact address when you RSVP Lori)

What to bring:  latex gloves (longer than regular gloves that end at the wrist) and a pair of needle nose pliers

We need your help so plan on "hands on" experience, working to help us process each of the turkeys

To RSVP or for questions, call LORI SCHNEIDER, my garden assistant at 801-739-4640

There is ONE Turkey still available for purchase


$60 plus working with us on Sat.


$90 if you don't work with us on Sat.