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Saturday, Nov. 5: 1) Work to do in Holladay 2) Plenty of produce available in Holladay

Sheryl McGlochlin - Friday, November 04, 2011

Lots of produce still available for garden members

RSVP via text, email or phone, then come, pick up produce anytime during the day on Friday or Saturday between 8 am - 6 pm. Everything is in the greenhouse.  Go to the backyard, then follow the orange cones around to the entrance of the greenhouse. 

Holladay B Garden: 

I need help on Sat. in the Holl. B Garden (On Casto Lane, approx. 5 houses up the street from my place).

Yesterday, Friday, we got many of the fence posts up but now we need to get the ground cleared from weeds so we can put the fence up soon.  This is all in preparation for planting 1000 ft. of peas in Feb.

We also need to dig up the Oregano, Sage, Chives and Thyme, and take these to the greenhouse at the Holladay A Garden during the winter months.

Let me know when you can come.


I'll be home by 12 noon, but if you want to come sooner and I'll try and mark the areas you can start on.

Just let me know.  Thanks so much in advance!


Holladay A Garden: 

I just need 1 - 2 people taking the green tomatoes off of the vines and discarding the vines.  It will give us more room to move around in the greenhouse.  It won't take long to remove the vines and then organize the tomatoes.

Let me know if you can do this.

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