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Saturday, July 16, 2 Harvest Distributions
7/15/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Saturday, July 16, 2 Harvest Distributions

2 harvest distribution locations:

Holladay A Garden: 4:15 - 5 pm

2836 E Casto Lane (5060 so.)

Taylorsville Garden:  5:30 - 6:15 pm

 6255 So. 1300 W.

Food & Harvest available today:

No sprays or pesticides used on any of our crops (if something has been sprayed, I'll tell you)

Pie Cherries (sour not sweet)


Garlic Greens

Romaine Lettuce

Black seed (bright green) leafy Lettuce

Spring Mix Lettuce (combination of several leafy lettuces


Kale/Stir-fry mix 



Giant Cabbage leaves

Broccoli leaves


BBQ Chicken (frozen and cooked)


RSVP by 4 pm on Sat. if you plan to come and tell us which garden you'll be at.

Make sure you come during the designated time or you'll need to wait until the next harvest date.


Harvest Distribution is generally happening every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - watch for exact times or email me the day before.

Food and Harvest varies each time (depending on what's available)

All garden members who have worked in the gardens anytime this 2011 year are eligible for receiving a harvest share.

If you have received harvest this week, you'll need to wait until next week, until we make sure everyone has received some food.

If we have extra, we'll let you know.