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Taylorsville Garden: Work to do: Mon - Sat., Aug. 8 - 13
8/8/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Taylorsville Garden: Work to do: Mon - Sat., Aug. 8 - 13

If you can help us in Taylorsville Garden, we would love it!

1) Weed eater or pull all weeds in the pea plant area (next to tomatoes, fence posts and fence).  If a weed eater is used, leave enough of the plant so then we can pull the entire weed out .  We are putting in a fall crop in this area so getting it ready to plant is critical. Once we get it weeded, we'll pull the stakes and fencing.

2) Help pull weeds in the east end of garden where there is no black plastic. Watermelons are in the southeast end along with volunteer tomatoes, the northeast end there are cucumbers and along the outer edge of the east side of garden are watermelons and volunteer tomatoes.

3) Weeding along edge of the north side of the garden. Particularly where tomatoes are and the ditch comes down to our plot.

4) Weed in Curly's garden under the corn closest to the road. (We agreed to help Curly with his garden in exchange for him watering our entire garden every week.)

5) Help with picking harvest, particularly once the tomatoes are ripe ( hopefully soon!):  Needs to happen Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings.  If anyone can bring these back to me in Holladay, I can give you a share of the harvest when I see you. 

6) Pull weeds or use a weed eater for weeds along the south main ditch. Just need to keep these weeds under control.

Work with Lori Wed night, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

(RSVP for harvest on Tues or Thurs if you work on Wed. Just stop and pick it up.)


Work Tuesday or Thursday before or after Harvest Pickup, which is 6 - 6:30 pm at Taylorsville