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The "down side" of my Gardening Group
6/5/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

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Since we partner with many incredible seniors,

who own land but are unable to grow a garden like they once could, it has been a huge blessing but also comes with heartache.

Within the last 9 months, 2 of our gardens have had a spouse pass away.  We miss them and want to help relieve their pain.

Last October, Harley passed away.  He helped us SO much in the one year we worked with him in 2010.  He was always so happy, so down-to-earth and so passionate about growing a garden.  He loved giving us seeds and teaching us what to do with them and how to harvest them, among many other things. He was a master gardener and always willing to share his knowledge.

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Since he died, however, we have been able to take over his garden and stay a lot closer to Carla now, which makes us all a lot happier!  


On May 21, just a few weeks ago...

Robert Moyle Jensen, another homeowner who is married to Marilyn, passed away.

As Dave and I visited with her last night, she told us one of the things her husband really wanted the most was to come home from the hospital and see how much the garden had grown.  He loved watching plants grow in his garden again!  In his obituary, it talked about how he worked in a grocery store with produce in Southern California, then moved to Utah and became a produce manager for Safeway Grocery Stores.

I asked what we could do for her.  She surprised me when she said, "Just keep growing the garden since it makes me so happy!" 

I never really understood how watching a garden grow in your own backyard could be so rewarding but I agree with her.  It's VERY rewarding to not only watch it but be a part of growing it.  There really are a lot of amazing, hidden blessings that come from growing a garden.