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Tuesday, May 15: This week, we need your help on the WEST side and EAST side this week!
5/15/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Tuesday, May 15:  This week, we need your help on the WEST side and EAST side this week!

Holladay B Garden

The temperatures are warming up which puts a bigger urgency in some of our gardens.

Help me finish this drip line today

I need to start watering our peas that have been growing like crazy!  We will be harvesting these within a month, so if you can help me today, Tuesday, let me know via email or phone.  If we don't get it done today, we'll finish on Wed. but I need to water them soon.

Holladay A Garden

Lettuce is growing like crazy along with all of the garlic.  Garlic needs to be weeded and cut and have a simple drip line system set up there as well.  If you can help, please let me know via email or phone.

South Jordan A, B & C Gardens

We need your help, especially this week, to do the following (In this order)

1) finish laying the drip lines  (South Jordan C)

2)  finish laying all of the black plastic mulch (South Jordan A, B, C) 

3)  Get all the plants in

These are the top priority gardens since they are our largest and most demanding.  The other gardens will take much less time getting planted so if you are able, please help us with these gardens first and then we'll finish all of the other gardens.  Just know that ALL of us will be eating a LOT of the food coming out of all of the South Jordan Gardens so this work will benefit your own family.   The prep work is mostly done in all of the other other gardens as well.

Geralee and I will be over at South Jordan C Garden early this morning, Tuesday, May 15, so call me (801-278-5313) or just come over and help us with this drip line between 8 - 9:30 am (if you see this message in time).

I'll be updating the entire MASTER GARDEN CALENDAR and taking out any mid-day work times.  With the heat, we'll be ONLY working first thing in the morning 7 - 10 am OR after 6 pm.