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Tuesday, Oct. 4: Need help at Taylorsville today - before the Harvest, if possible

Sheryl McGlochlin - Tuesday, October 04, 2011

If there is anyway you can help us get this produce picked from Taylorsville Garden and then bring it over to me before 4:45 pm, it would help SO much!!!  Tara is hopefully going over to pick and should be bringing it to me, so look for her.

We have a lot of people coming for harvest today and we can use the extra harvest right now!


1) Pick Curley's Bush Beans (he said we can have all there is, he's done with them)

2) Cucumbers in our garden - look for them closely since they are hiding!

3) All tomatoes - big and little i.e. cherry tomatoes.  ANYTHING that is starting to turn red or yellow

4) All peppers that are in the middle section of our garden especially, but anywhere you see peppers - especially the Anaheim Peppers which I think are the most in abundant.

NOTE:  Don't take any melons - we've picked the bulk of them and Lori will be picking the last of them on another day or so before the freeze.

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