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Tuesday, Wed., June 21 - 22, Garden work, Working in the gardens = Harvest!
6/20/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Tuesday, Wed., June 21 - 22, Garden work, Working in the gardens = Harvest!

7 - 10 am, Tuesday, June 21, Holladay,

my home.  Come and help us finish this big garden project in the front yard.


South Jordan Garden B, Tuesday: 

Let me know if you can go and pull at least 8 ft. of weeds WHILE they are easy to get out due to all the rain lately.  If you can go, let me know when.  The weeds are getting to be about 3 ft. tall and we need to get them pulled.  They run along the EAST and SOUTH side of the fences.  Almost 4 ft. of weeds up against the fence took me about 10 minutes today to pull.  If we can get a good crew over there and everyone will do even a little bit, we can conquer these weeds.  If we don't they will plague us for the entire summer season.


Tuesday evening, 6:30 pm

Help me install drip line irrigation to make this garden easy to water.  We also need to put the black plastic mulch on the melons.   We've installed several drip line irrigation systems in our gardens lately.  We should be getting pretty good at this by now!



After this job is done, we need to focus on getting Riverton finished.  It won't take very long to do.  If you will come to South Jordan Tuesday evening, I can show you what we need your help with in the Riverton Garden and you can do it without  me, hopefully before Wed. night.


Reminder:  Wed. June 22, Px5 Party!!!   RSVP

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