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Tuesday, April 24, Holladay Garden Work to do
4/23/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Tuesday, April 24, Holladay Garden Work to do

We had so many great, hard workers helping us last Saturday in the pea plantation at Holladay B Garden.  

We need a little more help putting more rocks and bricks on all the rows of black plastic mulch.

Wednesday is supposed to be windy and we need to make sure all of our hard work doesn't get blown away with the wind.

Laying all of this black plastic mulch is critical, especially in the Holladay B Garden since there are so many little "puncture weeds" that are starting to bloom.  These are deadly if you step on one of them.  

Also, because we laid down so much black plastic mulch, we have created a very "water wise" garden and have also eliminated most of the weeding work which will save us hundreds of hours during the entire garden season!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped on Saturday to do this!