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Urgent- Help needed in South Jordan Gardens today - Wed July 17
7/17/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Urgent- Help needed in South Jordan Gardens today - Wed July 17

The good and the bad news about our gardens lately....

The good news:

All of our crops are LOVING this rain!!  The greenhouse needs to be watered by hand since it doesn't get rained on but all of our gardens are loving the moisture.  The watermelons are growing like crazy along with everything else in all of our gardens. 

The bad news: 

We need your help ANYTIME during the day today, especially while the ground is still soft, since we keep getting chased out of our gardens in the evening due to the storms lately.  

We still have more plants to get in the ground which is what we'll be doing today while the ground is soft and the rain will come again tonight to water them before the weather gets dry again by this weekend.

If you are able to work first thing this morning, let me know.

We will be planting in So Jo A & B Gardens.

Also Bonnie and Jerome will be working in these gardens at 11 am

If you can work ANY OTHER time today, text, email or call me to let me know when. 

This is an urgent situation.  We need to use this rain to our advantage while the soil is moist.