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Urgent Garden Work, South Jordan A Garden, Saturday, June 4
6/4/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Urgent Garden Work, South Jordan A Garden, Saturday, June 4


After some of us worked in the Riverton Garden today, we drove to South Jordan to see what they got accomplished this morning. IMPRESSIVE!!!  I talked with Avon, the neighbor who will be watering the South Jordan A Garden.  He informed me that he would start watering every 6 days and 4 hours, starting tomorrow, on Sunday!  YIKES!  Up until now, we have not watered the garden.  

The #1 most urgent priority today or this evening: 

None of our peas or salad greens in this garden will get watered unless we dig a few more furrows before Sunday (tomorrow).  We could have done it this morning if I would have known that he starts watering tomorrow. So very sorry about that.

A furrow example:  In the garden, you'll see a row of Iris (flowers).  On the south side of the flowers is a furrow you can pattern your furrows after.  It doesn't need to go as deep as the other furrows we made this morning.  Only 4" deep. 

If you are able to go make a few furrows and save our crops in the South Jordan A Garden, let me know.  Email me and I'll make sure you feel confident about doing this little job. It won't take long.   It will be a huge blessing if we can do this since the temperatures are getting hotter and these crops need to be watered soon!


The 2nd most urgent priority

We need to pick a LOT more salad greens in this garden!  They are SO delicious!  And there were a lot more today when we stopped and that was after we had harvested a whole bunch last Wed. night.  If I wasn't so tired and hot, I would have stayed and picked.