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Urgent Work in Gardens this week, Tues. - Sat. May 29 - June 2
5/29/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Urgent Work in Gardens this week, Tues. -  Sat. May 29 - June 2

No Garden work in 3300 So. Gardens for a few weeks - these gardens are all planted and being watered

Holladay Gardens -

Urgent work! Contact me if you can help (I have to be gone every morning this week but will be home after 12 noon each day.  If you have worked in the Holladay Gardens before, let me know, since you may be able to work in the morning without me.)

Work to be done: 
Till Holladay C & D gardens - Urgent work since the tiller needs to be returned soon
Pick lettuce in the greenhouse
Plant tomatoes in all 4 Holladay Gardens
Pea picking party starts SOON in Holladay B Garden 
Minor weeding
Cut garlic and chives

Be a runner this week!

Bricks and rocks (the size of a 1/2 brick) need to be taken to So. Jordan C garden - to hold the black plastic in place so we don't have to weed there at all this summer.  If you have any left over bricks or rocks the size of an adult fist that you can take over and leave inside the BIG gate, closest to Orchard View Dr. entrance to the garden, let me know.

Pick up ALL the plants from West Jordan Garden and take to Garden Headquarters:  Holladay A Garden (plants are located along the east side of the house. These are the plants we received from West Jordan School High School)

One of these flats of tomatoes needs to go to the WVC garden to get planted soon
One flat of tomatoes goes to Riverton garden to get planted
One flat of tomatoes goes to SJ B garden to be planted Thursday night
Help us make sure all of these plants get watered each day due to warmer temperatures this week
We're trying to get them ALL in the ground THIS week!

May 31, Thursday, 6:30 - 8:30 pm:  Chicken Enchilada Dinner, South Jordan B Garden Work Party

Help us with weeding before we finish laying black plastic then get plants in.  We'll do this all in one night. This is another big Blitz night like we had a last week at South Jordan C Garden.  It's awesome when 20 people are working hard and all the work gets done quickly!!  There's plenty to do so please RSVP and come.  I'll bring the dinner!!  Remember:  All of our South Jordan Gardens are the very largest and most demanding until we get them planted.