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Watering our Crops
6/4/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Watering our Crops

A HUGE thank you to those who are watering all of our crops this year:

 South Jordan A Garden:  Avon, the next door neighbor, uses irrigation water, waters every 6 days and 4 hours

South Jordan B Garden:  We will need help in this garden.  If you are willing to share in this duty and live near this garden, let me know.  We'll teach you how.  We use tap water from the hose.

South Jordan C Garden:  Stephanie, homeowner

Riverton Garden:  Norma, homeowner

Taylorsville Garden:  Curly, homeowner, uses irrigation water, waters once a week

3300 So. A Garden:  Linda Brewer, daughter of the homeowner and good friend of mine

3300 So. B Garden:  Julie

3300 So. C Garden:  Irrigation water, we'll need help with this one

Holladay A Garden:  Sheryl and assistants

Holladay B Garden:  Katie, next door neighbor

Holladay C Garden:  Diana, home owner

West Jordan A Garden:  Carla's next door neighbor

West Jordan B Garden:  Shannon Connelly or Nova, homeowner

West Jordan C Garden:  Jeff, homeowner

West Valley A Garden:  Alan and Diane, homeowners

West Valley B Garden:  Christie and Merrill, homeowners