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Wed., July 11: Help in Holladay B Garden
7/11/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Wed., July 11: Help in Holladay B Garden

If you are new to this garden, wait until I or one of my assistants can come and acclimate you to this garden before working in it. 
If you are familiar with this Holladay garden and know where things are growing, here is the priority for this week: 

Holladay B Garden, just up the street from my home, 2917 E. Casto Lane (5060 So.)

Don't touch any of the many tomatoes growing in this garden for weeds.  Before pulling a "weed" just make sure you know the difference between weeds and tomato plants.
In this garden we also have at least 1 squash or melon, lots of oregano and some chives. 

The strawberries, rhubarb and garlic will come back to life in the fall when things cool down. 

Many weeds need to be pulled, especially the puncture weed near the EAST driveway.  It only takes ONCE to learn what puncture weed is.  Once you step on it, you never forget what it looks like. 

There are especially a TON of weeds on the far southwest corner of the garden that all need to be pulled.

On the middle to eastern southern end of the garden, watch out for the tomatoes growing in pairs.

If you are able to work, just send me an email either before or after and let me know what section you worked in.

Thank you SO much!!!