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Wed., Sept. 8 - Work to do - West Jordan Gardens and Holladay Garden

Sheryl McGlochlin - Wednesday, September 07, 2011

W. Jordan A :

1) Help us harvest tomatoes.

2) Look for cucumbers to harvest.

3) Apples need to be picked-- red apples all over top of tree!  Carla has two ladders in shed by apple tree - she will need to unlock shed. She also has a step ladder in garage that we can use. I also have ladders that you can take over there.

4) Don't pick any nectarines OR pears until we talk with Carla.

5) Grapes will be ripe later after the first frost.
6) Pick up the apples on the ground and put them in buckets to give to Lori to feed the chickens.   She will pick them up from the garden and take over to the Chickens.   I have a bunch of buckets at my house.

W. Jordan B Garden and Holladay Garden:

 1)  I need help picking many of the watermelons on both of these properties.


Let me know if you can help us with any of these chores.  Check in with me before working in any of the gardens.  Thanks so much!!!

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