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Wed. April 3: Garden Help needed over the next 4 days in Holladay Gardens
4/3/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Wed. April 3: Garden Help needed over the next 4 days in Holladay Gardens

Let me know if and when you can come and help over the next few days.

Holladay A:  

This garden is looking GREAT!!!  Reid has kept up on the watering in the greenhouse.  The garlic area and compost bins look fantastic. The lawn fertilizer I put on before leaving for Tucson on March 20 is doing a great job making my lawn look great!  Dave and I took all of the used black plastic mulch and drip line from Holladay A and So Jo C and heaped it into ONE big pile in So Jo B Garden, ready to be taken away in a truck to the dump.  We need 2 people and a truck to haul all of this to the Dump ASAP!  I'll pay the $30 dump fee.

Work to be done: 
  • Rake up weeds left out by the 60 ft. garlic area
  • Rake all old leaves near the west side fence area and put in any one of the compost bins until we are ready to put them in buckets again to be hauled over to Holl. D Garden and tilled into the soil.  All dead leaves in the backyard need to be cleaned up and removed.  
  • Reid will keep a close watch on the back door or WEST side of the greenhouse area to keep the Creeping Jenny vines from coming in the greenhouse.  There needs to be a clear walk way in that area without stepping on vines.   If you ever have issues with these vines and don't know what to do with them, instead of cutting them, just direct them back over the fence.
  • All of the green water walls that are laying down in the dirt, need to be filled up with water and put a larger cage on the outside of it to hold it in place. We'll be planting tomatoes in there VERY soon!!  I'll try to create one for an example OR if you don't see any large tomato cages, just put a white bucket inside of it to keep it standing up for now. 
  • Clean off the back fence, by the garlic, of any dead vines in preparation for planting pole beans in a few weeks. Reid said he'll bring a weed wacker often to trim my neighbors side of the fence.  In order to successfully plant crops vertically on a fence, both sides need to remain weed free.  
  • THREE easy "sit down at a table" garden jobs that need to be done ASAP: 
  • 1)  Has to be done when it's warmer and sunnier. A lot more little starter plants like the little ones growing in the greenhouse need to be put together. I have a HUGE bag of seeding soil, plenty of newspaper containers and new seeds to use.  We can continue to make little newspaper containers as well.  This could even be worked on in the greenhouse while it's raining.
  •  2)  In preparation of planting potatoes, 2 jobs are required:  1)  wrap pink neon ribbon around at least 100 smaller rocks.  I'll make an example to show you.  We have PLENTY of rocks. The neon rocks will be our marker for where we have planted potatoes in several gardens so we know where they are until they are tall enough to recognize.  2)  I just picked up 100 lbs of potato seed, enough to plant at least 500 potato plants of Red Potatoes and Yukon Golden Potatoes.  The potatoes have to be cut so there is an "eye" on each piece of potato. 

About Holladay B: 

This is another absolutely BEAUTIFUL garden right now!!!  If only we can keep it as nice and clean as it is right now!!!  Wow.  The peas, rhubarb, oregano, chives and strawberries are all coming up really well! 
The 2 rows closest to the WEST side of the garden need the most help with weeding.  They are not planted with peas and won't be.  We need to get this area cleaned up since a lot more crops i.e. pole beans will be planted on these fences over the next 30 days.