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Wed. April 3: South Jordan and West Jordan Gardens help needed ASAP
4/3/2013 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Wed. April 3: South Jordan and West Jordan Gardens help needed ASAP

I know it may be raining off and on over the next few days but let me know if you can help with any of this work:  

South Jordan A:  

  • The garden is looking GREAT!!!  This was the first "west side garden" we planted, with lots of early spring crops.  They are tiny but are coming up!!!  There is nothing more exciting than to watch your food grow from just a tiny seed!!  It makes me so happy!
  • We need to watch this garden closely to recognize where the row of little seedlings are and where the weeds are.  For the next several weeks, we need to keep children out of this garden since it's really easy to step on these fragile plants if we're not careful.  Don't weed anything unless you've talk to me first.  Many "well intentioned" garden members over the years have tried to help weed only to learn later that they weeded up all of our new little spring seedlings.  I'm sure that is any gardener's worst nightmare!

South Jordan B Garden:

  • Help us clean the big heap of black plastic and drip line into a truck and take to the dump. Lana has a truck but needs others to do the lifting. If we had a few people to help us load this, it would be done in less than 30 minutes, then follow her to the dump and empty it.  I'll pay the $30 dump fee.  Let me know if you are willing to help and I'll put you in touch with Lana to work out a time. Just a few people are needed for this project, more help would be nice but not necessary.
  • I want to put some bright string and tie it onto the sticks again so we can see more clearly where we planted our crops.  In this garden we have a LOT of morning glory to deal with.  It's moving into this garden right now and we have to stay on top of it. Don't weed this garden UNTIL I talk to you since it will be very easy to take out all of our little seedlings again along with the morning glory.  If we keep a close watch on these weeds while they are small, it will be a cinch to deal with them. No need to get down on your hands and knees to weed either.  I have a favorite weeding tool that is so fast and easy! Let me know if you can help and I'll teach you how to use this garden tool.
  • We have a LOT of potatoes to plant in this garden.

South Jordan C Garden:

  • Similar to South Jordan B Garden regarding the weeds.  This is our largest garden by far and we are going to need to pay very close attention to it to make sure it doesn't get out of control during our spring crop growth.
  • We have a LOT of potatoes to plant in this garden too!
  • All the black plastic has been removed so it's looking a lot cleaner in the front area, as you walk in.

South Jordan D Garden: 

This garden just got planted last Monday and we'll get some potato plants in this garden as well.

West Jordan Garden:

I need to know who is willing to help me watch over and work exclusively in this garden and for sure keep an eye on it.  

Gardening is like cooking with a pan of water on a hot stove.  Someone BETTER be watching it often or I can promise you there will be trouble! 

All of our gardens need to be watched carefully now that most of them are planted with early spring crops. Before we can plant in this garden, I need help weeding.  I have plenty of Fast and Easy Gardening Tools made for weeding.  We also need a few shovels for stubborn, deeper weeds.  I have this favorite garden weeding tool that I want to show everyone how to use.  I just bought 10 of them so within 30 minutes, as a group we could have this garden weeded and ready to plant OR work on it individually if you like.