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Wed. April 4, 2012 Garden Work to do
4/4/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Wed. April 4, 2012 Garden Work to do

Here is the info I just sent to all garden members last night. 

If you didn't get this email,let me know.

Take photos of whatever garden you are in and send them to me, so I can post them on my website.

Holladay A & B -

The 2 Holladay gardens need the most work this week. Work in Holladay on Wed. 1- 3 pm, Thursday 1 - 4 pm & Saturday 1 - 3 pm OR see CALENDAR. RSVP if possible.

1. Weed the 60 ft. garlic patch behind the greenhouse
2. Take potting soil/compost from the trailer and put into 4 garden sections in Holladay A garden
3. Weed several rows between the peas in Holl. B
4. Pick garlic, chives and onions
5. Prune grapes
6. Plant oregano
7. Finish cleaning up garden boxes in Holl. B
8. Plant potatoes
9. Fill seedling/potting soil in newspaper containers
10.Plant tomato and other seeds in newspaper containers

33rd & Highland

 No work this week in this garden. Dave Novack will continue tilling in compost. This garden isn't quite ready to plant yet. Come to Holladay Gardens instead and help us.



SJ A Garden: 11371 So. 2865 W.

There should be a long row of lettuce growing. These plants need to be watered twice a week. Coordinator needs to talk to Avin, the next door neighbor who oversees the irrigation system of this garden.  I need to know when this will be turned on.  We may need to water this by bringing a bunch of empty gallon milk containers filled with water and do this by hand.  Plant potatoes.  Need someone from So. Jordan to plant pototoes in Holladay then plant potatoes in this garden.


SJ B Garden:  11131 So. 2865 W.

Lorell has been removing a bunch of the branches from this garden and taking them to the dump.  Help us continue to clean up the WEST and NORTH sides of this garden along the fence and general clean up in the garden.  Lorell will come in and cut some of the Elm Tree branches that are hovering over the garden area.  After he cuts those branches down, come in and help us break down those branches that are down like you did before.  Chop them up the best you can.  Kids are great at breaking off little branches into smaller bite size pieces.  Kids don't need any special tools except garden gloves to break branches.  Let me know if you do have a chain saw to get the bigger pieces cut down into smaller pieces.  Make sure kids are FAR from any areas when chain saws are being used. I still don't know when the tractor/tiller will be in to do this garden, so stay tuned.  Just make sure it's cleaned up and everything is out of the way for the tractor.  A bunch of manure will be brought in and tilled into this soil to enrich it before planting. Drip lines don't go in until the gardens are tilled.

SJ C Garden: 9978 So. Redwood Rd

Make sure this garden is also cleaned up completely since a tractor/tiller will be doing this garden as well.  Until we get some of these gardens tilled, there isn't a lot we can do, EXCEPT try and clean up around the fence lines.  After this garden is tiled, we'll install a drip line system similar to Holladay B and So. Jordan B Gardens.
I'll let you know when we do this so you can attend if you want to learn this valuable garden skill, whether you have a large or small garden, it works great. I'll post this as a youtube video also.


Hold off of this garden this week. We're not quite ready to work in this garden yet.

West Jordan

Continue to clean up and empty the compost bin. Talk to Geness and John, the garden coordinators about this. We are also waiting for the tractor/tiller and manure to come in before we plant.

West Valley City

Look at the Calendar for details on Saturday, 10 - 11 am for the WVC Garden Open House. Lorell will also check this garden out for me.  If this garden is close to you, be sure to get acquainted with Alan, the homeowner since he was an active garden member last year and is very excited to have us working in his garden.