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Week of April 23 - 28 in South Jordan B Garden
4/22/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Week of April 23 - 28 in South Jordan B Garden

Tasks to be done: 

  • Bring clippers and hand saws to continue cutting down plant life along the fence lines
  • Remove as much overgrowth as possible along fence lines.
  • Stack all 2' - 3' branches by the apple tree where a pile has been established
  • Any trash, i.e.old tires and other non-organic matter should be separated from organic matter and left in a pile for a dump run. 
  • We need someone with expertise to cut down a few tree limbs above the garden
  • Those with cordless weed-wackers - start cutting tall grass around the entire perimeter.
  • Rake up the grass cuttings and put them in the compost bins.

When to come: 

You may work in the gardens ANYTIME, Monday through Saturday, daylight hours PROVIDING you follow these rules: 

  • Read a blog post like this OR view a scheduled work date, so you know what is the most urgent work to do.
  • Contact the coordinator for the garden you want to work in BEFORE you go, so they know you are going there and know basically what you'll be working on.  They can also give you new insight into what needs to happen AND they can inform the next crew what has already been done, without always having to run over to the garden to see it in person. 
  • If possible, report back to the coordinator via text, email, phone, etc. to let them know what you basically accomplished.
  • Keep track of your hours
  • The coordinator needs to keep track of who is working in their gardens each week.  They are required to report back to me with that information.  Those who are working in any of our gardens will be the first to receive harvest as it becomes available.