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Weekly Garden Update, May 10
5/11/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Weekly Garden Update, May 10

East Side Garden Blitz: 

Meet at Holladay A Garden and we'll go from there.  A wide variety of work to do all week long.  Plant more seeds, work in the greenhouse, fill compost into buckets, weed, etc. Due to much rain, the weeds are growing as fast as our plants.  Come and work for any amount of time.  Check the schedule, then RSVP.


West Side Garden Blitz:

Happens Saturday, 2 - 5 pm, starting at TAYLORSVILLE Garden at 2 pm.  I'll be supervising this week.  RSVP.  We rotate this Garden Blitz, starting at from the south at Riverton OR starting from the north at Taylorsville.  This week:  Taylorsville.

Harvest Distribution is beginning this week:

Items available for distribution:  Bagels, lettuce, spinach, chives, garlic, onion, oregano, and sage are in smaller amounts but ready to start harvesting.

West Side Distribution:

Saturday, 2 pm at the Garden Blitz, Taylorsville Garden.  See schedule

East Side Distribution:

During one of the East Side Garden Blitz times this week.  See schedule

The following is required for harvest distribution participation:

1)  You must RSVP within 24 hours of harvest distribution and tell us which of the above items you want OR when you come to work at the East Side Garden Blitz, let me know.  No one is allowed to pick any of the crops for themselves without notifying me first.

2)  You must have worked in our gardens and logged at least some hours during the 2011 garden season.  We have been working every week since January 8, 2011.  Exception to the rule: Our CSA members (non-working garden members).

3)  Current distribution includes once a week distribution and One Sandwich Size Bag of lettuce OR spinach per household. If there is still a lot more to pick, I'll email you.

If you want to learn how to harvest these crops, plan to work in the East Side Garden Blitz sometime this week.  We teach you how to do this so after it's cut, it doesn't look like it has been harvested, which will allow it to grow back quickly.

The harvest has just begun and we expect to continue harvesting the early season crops through August before we begin planting again for a fall harvest.

Currently all harvest is coming from Holladay A and B Gardens.  We want to make sure everyone who wants some harvest will receive a portion but you must RSVP or wait until next week's distribution.

NOTE:  There should be more lettuce & spinach ready to harvest in South Jordan A and 3300 South B gardens in a few weeks.   

NOTE:  To avoid any waste and guarantee complete freshness, RSVP is required. Not everyone wants all of the above crops.  Please specify what you will only use this week.


Artisan breads, pastry products available on Monday:

Contact me, via email, BEFORE each Monday, to RSVP for these items. Plan to come and get these items on Monday.  This delicious food is reserved for garden members who have logged hours working in the gardens anytime in 2011.  Food is limited. Must be picked up on Monday.


Official Live and Thrive Garden Textbook:

Successful Home Gardening, 2nd edition, Basic Principles and Practical Gardening Methods, by E. Gordon Wells, Jr.Click here to purchase

New, Second Edition, improved, 30% enlarged, updated, and printed in full color (November 2009). Includes all the basic principles and practical gardening methods which make gardening easy, enjoyable and productive. Focus is on gardening in Western United States.

Items we need:

Electric Heating Pads, used but in good condition

We need a few more heating pads to help us speed up the seed/germination process of our plants. 

Empty Gallon Milk Containers (plastic)

Empty Quart or Half Gallon Milk or Juice Containers - (Cardboard or plastic)

Small Yogurt Containers (plastic)

These containers are used for growing seeds/plants in until they are large enough to go into the ground


Multiple garden properties: 

 Click here for Working Member's Log in Page, to see details on all properties.

How to track your garden hours:

Click here to view and log in your hours:

Learn why we do this: