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West Jordan A Garden, Work to do, Mon. - Fri., Aug. 8 - 12
8/7/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: West Jordan A Garden, Work to do, Mon. - Fri., Aug. 8 - 12

Work with Lori, Monday, 9:30 - 12 noon, with tomato cages


Work with Nikki, Monday afternoon, with tomato cages


Even if you can't come during these times on Monday, let me know if you are able to help us ANYTIME this week with any of the following chores in this garden:

1) Weed the back plot around corn.

2) Help put cages on tomatoes. The plants are still small enough to get the cages around the plants but you need to be very gentle and not break any of the branches.  We have several cages available at this garden.

3) GREAT Kid job w/ some supervision.  Pick up Apples that are dropping on the ground and into the front garden plot. Also we should clean up apples on the grass outside the fence in the school parking lot area.  If these aren't good enough to take home and eat, put them in buckets so we can take them to a compost bin in another garden.

4)  We'll be picking apples to eat from this property in about 2 weeks ( usually when school starts). They are a variety of red delicious. They do not keep for very long so plan to eat or dry them so after you get them.  I'll keep you posted on when we start picking.

4) Carla could use some help in weeding her flower bed that runs along the north end of the garden ( from the end by the school to the bush with yellow flowers) . She has planted cannas, cosmos and one basil plant.

5) Use the pitchfork and turn the compost.  We may need to bring out another compost bin and put it in a sunny area, then transfer all the current compost to it, so it will break down faster.  The branches need to be cleared out and put into Carla's trash bins.

6) Once the corn is gone from the back garden plot, we'll put in a whole new FALL Garden!!!  That's the reason we need to get the weeds out soon.