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What we have accomplished, March 20 - April 20, 2011
4/21/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: What we have accomplished, March 20 - April 20, 2011


Several people have been sifting out very rich soil from the 4 compost bins at Holladay A Garden the past week.  This is an ongoing chore that needs to be done for another week at least.  If you like standing up and playing in the soil, you'll enjoy this job.



The entire high tunnel greenhouse is now ALL planted with a large variety of lettuce, spinach, kale and Swiss chard!  Think of this as a "1200 square foot bowl of Tossed Salad"!  We will be enjoying an abundance of fresh, home grown dark green leafy salads starting in May!

Garden Headquarters:

Holladay A Garden, my backyard garden, is finally starting to look beautiful again!  Over the past 6 months, it looked like a war zone. We dug a 3 ft. trench through the backyard to install the micro irrigation drip line system from the house to the greenhouse. Then in March, 2 large 60 ft. elm trees were cut down and dragged around the lawn.  Those who come to our garden now will now see a very different, much improved scene, thanks to many garden members!

Major cleanup: 

Last Saturday in South Jordan B, 3300 So. B and our West Jordan Garden we had a GREAT turnout to accomplish the very large task of cleaning up properties and getting them ready to plant!  Thank you SO much to everyone who participated!



It's been a challenge to get some of our gardens tilled with all of the rain but Riverton is finally tilled, along with Taylorsville.  South Jordan B should be getting tilled this week.


Planting Seedlings: 

About a month ago we planted lots of seeds: collard, spinach and mustard greens in little organic newspaper cups that so many have helped us make.  They are getting big and are ready to be planted in our other gardens this weekend!  I'll need a lot of help with this fun chore. Approx. 40 plants will be placed in nearly each garden.


Wood Pile:

Our huge pile of logs from two 60 ft. trees is under control now.  We've been splitting wood and getting it stacked neatly on the side of our home.  We trade a bunch of this wood for peaches in the summer. 


West Jordan Festival:

Our booth is designed and ready to go for the West Jordan Festival, Sat. April 30th.  We have a slide show of our gardens playing on a TV for people to look at.  Join us at this event, tell your friends to come and learn more about our group or if you like, help us hand out fliers at the festival.  Details will be posted on my website calendar soon.

Spring produce:

Growing really well outside the greenhouse are rhubarb, onions, garlic, spinach, carrots, strawberries, herbs i.e. oregano, sage, chives and especially LOTS of Sugar Snap Peas! These are not quite ready to harvest yet but you'll hear about it when they are! 


Multiple garden properties: 

We are now up to 12 properties!  Home owners are handing us property and water rights faster than ever before.  These are all beautiful garden areas all over the Salt Lake valley. During the next few months, I hope you'll try and visit all of them, if not work in them with us.  Six properties on the west side of SL valley and 6 on the east.  The west side has larger gardens than the east side, but every property is worth a lot to us!  I'll update info on any new properties soon on our member's only page.


New Tracking System for working members:

This system will help us a lot.  Click here to view it:

1)  Identify who is actively working in our gardens
2)  Get better acquainted with each garden member
3)  Promote members to leadership roles who are found through this tracking method
4)  Reward active garden members with more produce and baked goods.
5)  Motivate more gardens members to come and work.
6)  Prove what a strong support team members have to work with. 
7)  Become more efficient leaders by analyzing which gardens need more attention.