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What to do each time you work in our gardens...
4/4/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: What to do each time you work in our gardens...

We are excited to have you start working in our gardens!  Here is the process you will follow:

1.  Make sure you are receive my weekly garden email

2.  Look it over to see what needs to be done in each garden.

3.  Work in the garden of your choice.  We hope everyone will eventually visit all of our gardens to see the difference between each one.  This will also help if we need extra help at a particular garden and you are willing to help us.

4.  RSVP via email or through a booking on my website that you (and anyone who comes with you) will be working in _________ (which garden).  If you are not working during a scheduled group work session, let me know when you will be working (Monday - Saturday).  Any daylight hours are OK if you know what needs to be done.  If you aren't sure what to do or are new to the garden, plan to work with others at the next group work session, generally held on Saturdays.

NOTE: If there is a question about special supplies i.e seeds, that you will need, send me an email prior to working.

NOTE:  We currently need more runners to help us take supplies i.e seeds, etc. from our Holladay headquarter garden to other gardens.  Let me know if you could help us.

5.  You will know WHAT type of work needs to be done in each garden, based on the weekly emails I send.

6.  Keep track of your hours and email them to me.  On the group work sessions, I would like to have everyone sign one sheet of paper.  Include name and hours.  Decide one person who will send me the info to me via email.

NOTE:  It's important for me to know the names of everyone who shows up, including children.  Regarding children: list their ages, if necessary.  We love parents working with their children in the gardens.  Some jobs are kid friendly and some are not, however.

7.  In addition to name and hours, briefly tell me what was accomplished.

8.  Be my "eyes and ears" of the garden. After working in the garden, besides reporting on the basics, if there is ever anything suspicious or something that would be helpful for me to share with other garden members, let me know.  

9.  As of April 4, we need more garden supervisors and assistants.  These are people who can check on the garden often, let me know it's progress, etc.  You are not required to work a lot of hours OR have any prior garden experience to do this job. We will teach you all you need to know.  You may need to help those who are new to the garden and watch over the progress of the garden and report to me.  We look for others to assist you if you can't   Since it's early in the season, we have not filled all of these positions.  You will have a few assistants so it doesn't become a burden to anyone.