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Work at local Farmer's Markets, representing our Community Garden Group

Sheryl McGlochlin - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

With over 16 gardens, we need a LOT of help with all the produce that we are currently growing!  The local Farmer's Markets are one of the best ways to help us find additional members to work in our Community Garden Group!  We aren't interested in selling much produce since the bulk of our produce goes to our members, but we need to get our name out there, so we can find others who are willing to help us work in the gardens and receive a portion of the harvest!  

We are excited to let the public know that we are the ONLY "working" and "non-working" *CSA in the state of Utah! 

Other *CSA's may invite members to work occasionally on their farms but we depend solely on our members to work since there are no employees.  Eleven months of the year are spent working in our gardens!

Our mission is to teach people "how to grow their own food" while supplying them with plenty of fresh, local harvest throughout the growing season (at least 6 months).

If you are willing to help represent us at local farmer's markets, please let me know.    

*CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

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Spring Garden Work w/ Harvest and Refreshments
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