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"Work for Food" Winter Garden Tour and Parties! Join us.
12/6/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: "Work for Food" Winter Garden Tour and Parties! Join us.

"Work for Food" Community Garden Tour and Party!

Many have benefited from our gardens over the years.

Now, in our 6th year as a "working community garden" group, we are growing more crops, on more land than ever before.

We invite you to join us and get involved!

Save money on groceries, eat healthier, relieve stress and gain valuable gardening skills!

*Not a member?  No worries!  Come, get acquainted with us for free!

Work a few times in our gardens to see if this is right for you.

After attending two times, register as an official garden member and receive these benefits year round!

Work to do: 

December through February:

12 of our 14 gardens are closed EXCEPT two large winter gardens in Holladay.

Plenty of work needs to be done in both gardens during these months.

Our Holladay gardens are located a few houses from each other, approx. 5000 So. 3000 E. in Holladay,  84117.

They are called: Holladay A and Holladay B.

Holladay A:

  • My home and headquarters for all the gardens
  • Features a 1200 sq ft. high tunnel cold frame greenhouse
  • Other crops grow outside the greenhouse as well

Holladay B Garden

  • Located approx. 5 homes east from Holladay A Garden, on the same street.  
  • Known as the Pea Plantation (During winter and early spring months), 1,000 feet of peas are planted in February in this garden. 
  • Peas are harvested in early May. 
  • Additional crops are planted after the peas have been harvested.

NOTE:   Members may work on their own, anytime during the week except Sunday, as often as they like IF...

  • they have attended at least one group date that is posted on the calendar. This helps me get better acquainted with you and allows you to learn what needs to be done and how to do it.
  • they have RSVP'd to let me know when they plan to work in a garden
  • Email, text, or leave a phone message at: 801-278-5313
  • Inform me of any limitations you have.
  • You are never required to do any work you don't feel comfortable with.
Generally there's a variety of work to do, so come and check it out!

What to bring: 

  • Garden gloves
  • Water bottle
  • Dress in weather appropriate clothing
  • Wear clothes/shoes that can get dirty

Type of food you'll receive: 

  • Produce - Enjoy eating any crops ready to harvest
  • Breads or baked goods -  Local business trade baked goods with us (Great Harvest Bread, Riches Bagels, etc.)
  • Soup! Hot, delicious, healthy, homemade, hearty Soup!  I love cooking soups for anyone who helps us in the gardens, made from harvest picked from our own gardens! 

  • Outside garden work is weather dependent.
  • Greenhouse garden work is not weather dependent: Planting or other work may be done regardless of the weather.

You'll like our Working Garden Group if you...

  • enjoy being outdoors
  • want a fun way to exercise
  • love connecting with nature by working with soil, rocks, plants, etc.
  • aren't afraid of hard work
  • desire to eat an abundance of food you've helped grow yourself
  • love saving money on food
  • are eager to learn valuable gardening skills for you and your family
  • need an effective way to relieve stress and tension