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Maple Granola w/ Maple Syrup
6/21/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Maple Granola w/ Maple Syrup


Mix 1 cup Maple Syrup Mixture with

4 c. Six Grain Rolled Mix OR

4 c. Rolled Oats (baby or regular)


A combination of both

Optional: 1 c. nuts (i.e. pecans, walnuts, almonds, whatever you like)


NOTE: Add more syrup to the oats if it seems to dry OR you want a stickier granola.


In a large bowl, combine oats and nuts. Pour syrup mixture over the oats and nuts, stirring until thoroughly mixed. Spread granola onto a cookie sheet and cook until golden and crunchy (between 35 - 40 min.). For a less crunchy granola cook for 25 minutes. You decide what texture you want by how long you cook it.

Cook in 275-degree oven

Time Saver Tip: Instead of mixing dry ingredients and syrup in a large bowl, use a gallon size ziplock bag and mix.




When granola is out of the oven, you may add your favorite dried fruits to the mixture. If you like coconut, combine it with the oats/nuts mixture BEFORE it goes into the oven. All other ingredients can be added AFTER it comes out of the oven. This recipe also doubles well for a large batch. Freeze it in smaller sandwich bags and use for cold cereal, topping on ice cream or yogurt, apple pies, etc.

Maple Syrup

Purchase pure maple syrup OR make this one for less


1 c sugar or honey

½ c. water

1 tsp.  Maple Extract Flavoring


Cook water/sugar mixture until it comes to a boil and becomes clear. Do not let it continue to boil as it will bubble up over the pan onto the stove and create a BIG mess! Hardened syrup on the stove is horrible to clean up.  Once it's off the stove, add the Maple Extract Flavoring.


Money Saving Tip: Make this syrup in any quantity. I make a large amount since I use it as a topping for pancakes, crepes, waffles, etc.

Always use 2 parts sugar/honey to 1 part water.