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My Favorite Freezer Jam
9/27/2010 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: My Favorite Freezer Jam

This recipe has a lot LESS sugar than regular jam PLUS it has NO high fructose corn syrup!

It's much healthier, costs a lot less money and is delicious!

Enjoy making and eating FRESH, homemade jam! It costs VERY little money if you take advantage of all the fruit trees that are ready to harvest!

I love this recipe because it has much LESS sugar than other jam recipes. I especially love making peach, apricot, pear, grape or plum jam during the months of August and September but you can use whatever is available. Choose whatever fruit is in season in your area.

5 cups mashed or pureed fruit
2 cups granulated sugar or less if you prefer
½ cup light corn syrup (it stops the crystallizing of sugar)
4 TBSP Clear Jel (Instant) (*learn more about this product below)

Mix DRY INGREDIENTS: (sugar and Clear Jel (Instant) together.) Mix well.
Mix WET INGREDIENTS: (mashed fruit and corn syrup together) Mix well.
Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.
Put in freezer containers and freeze.

More about Clear Jel (Instant):
Use this ingredient INSTEAD of pectin. It's MUCH cheaper and allows you to use MUCH LESS sugar in your recipe. I've made Apricot Jam and Pear Jam with this recipe and they are both SO delicious!!

WHERE TO BUY CLEAR JEL (Instant): Gygi Culinary Solutions OR John and Jenny's Bosch Kitchen Center
Cost: $11.25 for 5 lb bag - Since you only need 4 TBSP/batch, this makes a lot of jam and will last a LONG time! OR buy a much smaller amount from me directly if you like.
3500 So. 300 W. SLC, Utah