About our group on Meetup.com
8/24/2015 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: About our group on Meetup.com

My official website is liveandthrive.com

People looking for outdoor adventures will find us from several sources online including Meetup.com.

Since meetup is one of several resources we use, the RSVP count on Meetup is never correct.

I LOVE meetup.com!!  It is the best site!  As an organizer like myself AND for anyone trying to connect with other people - almost anywhere in the world!

Meetup.com helps everyone in our group stay informed on over 400 activities and outings that I offer each year. 

I post nearly all of my activities on Meetup AND everything I offer is on Liveandthrive.com

On my meetup site, you have the option of receiving email notifications whenever I update an event

You'll also be the first to hear about a new event as soon as I post it.

You don't receive this email service on Liveandthrive.com. 

There is a small additional fee for following us on Meetup.com which is $5 per year. 

You can pay that online OR just come to any of my activities and pay me in person, via cash or check.  You'll be entered manually in the system.

I am charged Meetup fees which is why I charge you a small fee. 

In addition, our Live and Thrive annual membership fee is $35 for those participating in any of our events. 

You may pay this online at Outdoor Adventure Group or in person to me via cash or check at any activity. 

The first local Hike is FREE, to make sure our group is right for you.

After that you will need to pay. 

Bottom line:  If you plan to follow us on Meetup and be a member you will pay $40/annual fee ($35 + $5)

If you join and follow me from my website, liveandthrive.com and not meetup.com, you'll pay $35/annual fee.

For a $40 annual fee, you'll receive 400+ invitations/year to a wide variety of activities AND all the latest updates and information. 

200 of those are hiking and snowshoeing activities.

This is one of the best values you'll find!!

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