Bells Canyon Hiking Update, for Sat. May 28
5/29/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Bells Canyon Hiking Update, for Sat. May 28

What an incredibly, beautiful morning to hike!  No rain and no one else on the trail! 

FYI:  If you want an UNpleasant experience hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, you should do 2 things: 1)  Start your hike at 11 am when everyone else arrives  2)  Start your hike during the hottest time of the day.  I know people like to sleep in, but you won't find us ever doing that.

Those are just 2 reasons why we meet at 8 am, (starting June 1), and generally finish by 12 noon - before the heat OR the crowds!

Since we had a good size group, we split into two groups at the meeting place:  1) easier trail   2) harder, steeper trail. There are 2 main trails that lead to Bells Canyon.  Before heading up to the main waterfall, I love to show our hikers some of my favorite hideout areas.  There are plenty of split off trails in this area. 

One BIG reward that separates this hike from many other hikes in the Wasatch Mountains are all of the GIANT granite boulders laying around everywhere!  It's impressive. 

FYI:  Bells Canyon is just barely SOUTH of Little Cottonwood Canyon.  It's a popular hiking destination so start your hike early!

We hike on a new trail in the Wasatch Mountains every week, so join us often and you'll become very familiar with all of the trails so close to home.