Membership Fees
8/21/2015 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Membership Fees

$35/person annual Outdoor Adventure Club membership dues

Members receive 200+ hiking and snowshoeing outings per year

Does not include any rental equipment fee i.e. micro spikes for ice hiking or snowshoes 

After attending one free hiking outing membership dues are required

Members enjoy invites to 400+ outdoor adventure outings. 

Outings other than hiking or snowshoeing may require an additional fee. 

Online registration is fast and easy.  Register at liveandthrive.com

If you prefer pay in person by cash or check. 

Make checks payable to Sheryl McGlochlin

Members receive a green Hiking Pass when register. 

A free, weekly, 30-minute, pre-hike meeting every Saturday is offered to members and non-members

Talk to Sheryl and/or her assistants in person at this time. 

Feel free to email or text her if you have questions, as well.

Those who pay online will receive their green Hiking Pass at their first outing.