8/21/2015 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Disclaimer

• I agree to participate at my own risk.

• I understand that I am invited to hike once with the group before paying $35 annual membership dues.  See details below.

• I will participate at a pace or skill level I feel comfortable with.

• I will communicate with Sheryl and talk to her about any concerns I have prior to leaving on this outing.

• I agree not to hold Live and Thrive LLC, Sheryl McGlochlin, her assistants, or affiliates responsible or liable for my safety.

• I understand that hiking, along with all outdoor adventures can be dangerous and strenuous at times.

• I agree to stop and rest as often as needed.

• I understand that I am invited to do a shortened version of any hiking outing AND will inform Sheryl and/or her assistants of my plans.

• I agree to stay with the group. 

• I agree to abide by Sheryl's guidelines especially on the day of the hike, for my own safety and protection and the safety of others.

• I understand that consulting a physician is strongly recommended before starting any exercise program.

• I agree to attend a short, orientation and get acquainted meeting held 30 minutes in the parking lot before leaving on the outing.  Attend the orientation and not the outing, if you prefer. 

• I understand that much more information is available on Sheryl's website at liveandthrive.com

Live and Thrive Outdoor Adventure Group Info

• Established February 2003 with continued steady growth

• Consistent hiking group offering 210+ hikes every year!

• Hiking outings held every week of the year: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning