Easy Hikes - My top 5 picks
6/3/2011 | Sheryl McGlochlin

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Easy Hikes


  • ALL hikers have to EARN their "hiking legs"!  These trails will make it a lot of fun and not get you discouraged when you are just starting out!
  • Most of these trails are not so isolated in the middle of the wilderness.
  • Safety should always be your priority ANYTIME you are hiking.
  • Avoid hiking alone.
  • Bring 1.5 liters of water and drink often.
  • Bring a camera since all of these hikes have spectacular views!
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • Be alert and courteous to others on the trail including dogs, mountain bikers and other hikers.
  • Consult a physician before starting any new exercise program.
  • Realize that hiking can be a dangerous sport.
  • Use good common sense.
  • Look for opportunities to meet others who love hiking.
  • Get out there often and you'll develop a true passion for this great sport!
  • After a while, you forget hiking is actually a great workout!
  • You'll get caught up with all the amazing beauty that surrounds you!



Top 5 picks for EASY HIKES:



Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST)

(Current Trail: Ogden to Payson)


Location - Several places to access trail:  http://www.bonnevilleshorelinetrail.org/




  • Follows the old shoreline of Lake Bonneville
  • Currently over 100 miles of trail
  • Proposed trail will include 280 miles and reach from Idaho to Nephi!
  • Sweeping views of mountain ranges, valleys, cities and the Great Salt Lake
  • When you are ready for a harder hike, many trails intersect with the BST
  • On many parts of the trail, dogs and mountain bikes are allowed on the trail besides hikers
  • Much of this trail is single-track
  • Great trail for winter snowshoe hiking
  • Best time to hike: Spring, fall OR mornings before it gets warm
  • Exposed to sun
  • Very defined, well-used trail



Mormon Trail - (also known as California or Pony Express Trail) (Morgan County or Salt Lake County)


Location - Drive up Parleys Canyon, (I-80 EASTbound), approx. 5 miles up the canyon watch for the "East Canyon" exit, get off, drive approx. 3 more miles to Little Dell Reservoir, which is your first and closest opportunity to hike on this trail.  This is one of several places you can access this trail.




  • The actual Mormon Trail runs hundreds of miles
  • This 9-mile section is the best for local hiking
  • 9 Miles of pure beauty from Little Dell Reservoir to Mormon Flats
  • Several places to access trail so hike as long as you like
  • Single Track trail
  • 7400 ft. highest elev. gain
  • Lush, green beautiful trail
  • Great trail for winter snowshoe hiking
  • Very defined, well-used trail
  • Trail split into two main sections:


  • Mormon Flats to Big Mountain (approx. 4 miles one way)
  • Big Mountain to Little Dell Reservoir (approx. 5 miles one way)
  • Enjoy just one mile of this trail if you prefer!



Pipe Line Trail (Salt Lake County, Millcreek Canyon):


Location - Easiest place to get on the trail:  Birch Hollow trailhead: Drive 4.3 miles from mouth of canyon, .1 mile past Porter Fork, trail starts on left side, Mouth of Millcreek Canyon is located at 3800 So. Wasatch Blvd.




  • Approx. 7 miles long (one way)
  • Spectacular views of the
  • Only 150 feet elevation gain during the entire 7 miles!
  • Great trail for winter snowshoe hiking
  • Best time to hike: Spring, fall OR mornings before it warms up
  • Exposed to sun
  • Just 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City
  • Trailhead: 6600 ft.
  • Sometimes you may be Walking next to a steep slope
  • Very defined, well-used trail
  • Dogs allowed
  • Sweeping views of the entire canyon, Salt Lake valley, The Cove, and the Great Salt Lake
  • Fee Station when you leave: $3/vehicle




Lost Prospector Trail (Park City, Summit County)


Location - Best place to start: Arie Drive, only a few parking spaces near the trail head OR for more




  • 7.8 mile loop hike
  • One of my favorite fall hikes due to so much color!
  • Lots of foliage along the trail
  • Incredible views of Park City including the Park City ski resort
  • Elev. Gain: only 300 feet
  • Hikers, mountain bikes,
  • Double check before bringing your dog




Antelope Island State Park:


Location - (Davis County) Approximately 41 miles north of Salt Lake City.  Take Exit 332 off Interstate 15, then drive west on Antelope Drive for 7 miles to the park entrance, then another 7 miles to the island.




  • Be surrounded by the Great Salt Lake!
  • Entrance Fee: $9/vehicle, discounts for seniors, pedestrians, cyclists
  • Beautiful, peaceful, quiet
  • Feels like you are FAR from civilization but really only 7 miles!
  • Horse trails
  • Dogs on leash allowed
  • Lakeshore Trail
  • 2.8 miles one way
  • At times the trail may get rocky but it's never hard
  • Trail ends at Bridger Bay Campground
  • Walk back to trailhead OR have someone pick you up at the campsite
  • Elev. gain:  69 feet
  • Buffalo sightings
  • Lakeside Trail is another easy option
Bring your camera!  On a clear day you'll experience breath-taking views of the Wasatch Mountain Range