Sheryl's Hiking Group - General Information
8/21/2015 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Sheryl's Hiking Group - General Information

• Hiking group established in February 2003

• Safety is always our top priority.

• Unfamiliar with hiking in Utah? Attend a Free 30 minute WEEKLY Hiking Orientation  

• We keep track of our members regardless of speed or ability. 

• Come for a shorter or longer hike, you decide.

• Members are encouraged to be aware of fellow hikers and be willing to lend a hand, if necessary.

• Hikes are posted and updated on two websites: Liveandthrive.com and meetup.com

• Outdoor Adventure photos are posted on: Facebookliveandthrive.commeetup.compinterest.com, twitter.com, instagram

• At our meeting place, 30 minutes prior to leaving for the trail: 1) carpools are organized 2) hikers choose which skill level they want: easier or more moderate 3) trail details are discussed 4) identify drivers vrs. those who need a ride 4) questions/concerns are addressed 5) final instructions received for the hike.  NOTE: Carpools are essential due to limited parking in the canyons plus it saves everyone money.

• Hikers with similar abilities are encouraged to hike and carpool together.  

• Anyone may do a shortened version of the hike if they desire. Tell Sheryl or assistant about this before leaving for the trailhead, if possible. 

• As a courtesy to your driver, when carpooling please offer your driver some money for gas.  Even if a driver doesn’t accept your money, save it for future drivers.

• Outings are not canceled due to inclement weather.  These “less than perfect” days are great opportunities to test out clothing. You may be impressed with how many hikers show up ready to hike on rainy or windy days!    

• RSVP whenever possible, but come even if you can't RSVP

• Join our hikes during the week. Weekday hikes are primarily used to scout out trails for our weekend hikes. Details may not be posted in advance but come anyway since we always explore a new trail nearly every week of the year!

• Outings are generally finished before 12 noon, unless stated otherwise.

• Trailheads are located within a 10 - 20 minute drive from our meeting place, unless otherwise stated.

• The “meeting place” is always the same for ALL outings YEAR ROUND: 6506 South Wasatch Blvd, UTA Park n Ride, FAR SOUTH END of the large parking lot.  If possible, get acquainted with this meeting place BEFORE the outing.  If you have any questions regarding where to meet, contact Sheryl in advance.

• Directions if you are driving to our meeting place from the north, south, or west From I-15, take I-215 Eastbound toward the ski resorts. Get off at 6200 So. Exit (also the ski resort exit). Stay in the middle lane of that exit ramp which will take you to the top of the hill heading east before bending to the south.  Look for your first intersection and signs that state "6200 So. Park n Ride".  As you stop at that intersection, look to the left and you'll see the large parking lot, which is where we meet. To get into the parking lot, turn left at the intersection and look for opening into this parking lot. Once in the parking lot, drive to the south end where you'll find us.  NOTE:  If you don't turn at this first intersection, the next intersection is Fort Union Blvd (7000 So.) and Wasatch Blvd.  AND is the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It also has a 7-11.  If you see this intersection, you'll gone too far.  Stay on Wasatch Blvd heading North to the next intersection, then turn right and find the opening to the large parking lot.  NOTE:  If you don't see anyone once you've turned into that parking lot, call me on my cell:  801-278-5313.

• Hikers are always encouraged to meet with us at the meeting place, prior to leaving for the trailhead, for final instructions. If you live close to a trailhead and want to meet there, contact Sheryl the day before or morning of to let her know. 

• Hiking trails are always subject to current weather, road, canyon and trail conditions and may be changed at the last minute without notice.