Things to know before you arrive including Safety Tips
8/21/2015 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Things to know before you arrive including Safety Tips

• We hike a different trail in Utah nearly every week of the year.

• Come often and get familiar with our incredible outdoor playground.

• Several trails don't require entering a canyon during or after big storms, so outings are rarely canceled.

• There is safety in numbers. More accidents involve “solo hikers".

• Members are expected to stay with similar abilities in our group to avoid hiking alone.

• Generally speaking, find someone in the group with similar hiking abilities to hike with.

• On the Saturday hikes, a 'guide', generally Sheryl, is at the front of the group and an 'assistant guide' is at the back.

• To us, the word 'guide' is used loosely. It means someone who is more experienced, who knows the route, the equipment and what's to be expected.

• Plan to hike at a pace you are comfortable with.

• Bring a little extra food and water, in case someone else is in need. 

• For most hikes, a designated “turn around time" is announced, which means where ever you are on the trail, at a certain time you are expected to start back down the trai. This allows everyone to go at a pace they are comfortable with.

• Some hikes may be “Loop Hikes” or "One Way Hikes", and may require a more moderate hiking ability. If there are specific qualifications for a hike, it will always be posted in advance and will state what qualifications are needed.  Easier AND more moderate hiking options are always arranged.

• A “moderate” hiking ability means the trail has more elevation gain and/or more length.

• An “easy” hiking ability means the trail has less elevation gain and/or shorter in length.

• If you are new and not sure about your ability, consider doing a “Sample Hike”, which means you agree to hike with us for less than 30 minutes. Tell Sheryl before you start hiking, about your plans, if possible.

• Bring 1 liter of water or more for a regular 2 - 3 hour day hike.

• Bring a snack i.e. trail mix, peanut butter/jam sandwich, granola or energy bar, etc.

• Bring a hat and sunglasses.

• Come often and learn how to be comfortable in any kind of weather and temperature. 

• Get acquainted with the leaders and Sheryl's assistants. We'll help you have a great experience your FIRST time out with us.

• Get in the habit of telling someone (not hiking with you) where you are going and when you plan to be off the trail, regardless of how many people you are hiking with.

• Ease into hiking or any new sport. Everyone is required to earn their own “hiking legs”.

• Take it easy.  Stop when you need to. Terrain, altitude, weather and trail conditions, etc. can effect a person differently on any given day.

• Bring a camera and take plenty of photos!

• This is not a competitive hiking group. Enjoy the journey, not just the finish line.

• Enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest!  Enjoy getting to know everyone in the group, however, most people don’t want to hear everyone's conversation, so be considerate and talk quietly.

• Surround yourself by people who are quiet if you want the chance to see moose, birds and other wildlife that are more likely to be spotted when it is quiet. 

• Turn cell phones on silent or vibrate.

• Be alert and aware of what is happening around you while you are hiking. If you need to listen to music, bring earphones.  Many accidents can be avoided if hikers pay attention to warnings from fellow hikers, weather and nearby wildlife.

• New members join our group each week.  They come with a variety of experience, background, interests & abilities. 

• Be friendly, helpful and welcoming to all who join us, especially those who are new.

• Speak up if you have any concerns or questions.

• Know your own strengths & weaknesses and adjust accordingly.

• Don’t forget to stop and look around!  It’s a big confidence booster.

• Warm up on your own - before and after each outing.

• Come with a positive, caring, and friendly attitude!