NEW hikers... Welcome!!
3/20/2012 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: NEW hikers... Welcome!!

Welcome to my Hiking Group!!

If you are a beginner hiker, plan to take baby steps. 

We want you to have a successful outing the first day you hike with us. 

You'll also develop a love for hiking that will last for a long time!

The MOST important thing you can do is to simply show up!

It makes no difference whether you hike with us for 30 minutes or 3 hours. Just come.

Start coming OFTEN and I'll help you get acclimated to our group.

Learn the names of new people you meet. 

Go out of your way to say Hi and be friendly. Others are nervous just like you may be.

I'll help you meet others with a similar ability or speed.  

We offer a Hiking Orientation every Saturday for approx. 30 minutes before we leave on the hike.

If you are new, please attend this often since you will meet new people each week and learn new things.  

You'll notice people start to slowly trickle in during the 30 minutes.

If you come for the full 30 minutes I'll be able to give you more time and attention.

Speak up and ask me or my assistants about any questions or concerns you may have. 

The bulk of our group may show up closer to when we are ready to leave.

Just know that we have a wide variety of hiking abilities in our group every week, which we welcome. 

Some hikers prefer to go slower so they can take more photos.

Some hikers are super fast and very strong.  Don't try to compete or keep up with them. 

I try to encourage everyone to do their own personal best. 

Our group is not a hiking competition.

We have new people join us every week.

We have hard core hikers, we have beginner hikers and everything in between hikers.

No one is better than anyone else.  Everyone is just trying to do their best.

I am the most impressed with people who have a good attitude, willing to show up, be teachable and try to make even a small effort without complaining.

I am eager to help you become a very successful hiker! 

How LONG you stay on the mountain during an outing doesn't really matter.  

What does matter is that you come often and start to build strong hiking legs. 

RSVP when you come so I can be watching for you. 

Take down my cell phone number and call me if you don't find me right away.  801-278-5313, Sheryl McGlochlin

This is a friendly bunch of caring people!  I will introduce you to them and help you feel comfortable and more relaxed.

Generally our hikes are finished on or before 12 noon UNLESS stated otherwise.

I can definitely promise you some very big rewards if you will come often and start to make this a new habit - year round!

I hope I will see you soon...

and again WELCOME to our group!!!