Trail conditions when Micro Spikes and Snowshoes are used
11/2/2014 | Sheryl McGlochlin

Article image: Trail conditions when Micro Spikes and Snowshoes are used


What will you use more for your winter hikes: snowshoes or micro spikes

That's a great question!  We never know from year to year.  Mother Nature dictates our use for each.  We always have to be ready for both.  During the past several years we have had plenty of opportunities to snowshoe, however, last year we didn't get many snowshoe outings in compared with micro spike outings. It's the way the snow falls and how much.  Within a few days after a snowfall, many of the trails become packed down from heavy use or even icy because of the heating and cooling weather pattern.  If it snows often, we generally get to use snowshoes more often, but if there are big gaps between snow falls like last year, we need to use micro spikes.  I encourage hikers to always carry micro spikes with them on every winter hike.  During the next several months, you never know when you'll need to use them, especially when the trail is a dry, non-snowy, non-icey trail to begin with.


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